Terms and Conditions of Warranty

BAC pride ourselves on our ‘No quibble’ warranties. This gives our customers peace of mind knowing that if any
aspect of their new system or equipment should fail, BAC will replace it without question.

The following information is delivered in an easy to understand format and is intended to manage expectations in the event
of a warranty claim.

Cost of making a warranty claim: General Warranty work is provided free of charge. This means that BAC will provide the following at no cost to the customer for the duration of their warranty.
  • Engineer Call out
  • All required Labour
  • Replacement parts for all faulty items
Access to Premises: General Warranty work is provided on the understanding that access to the premises is available Monday to Friday between 08.30 – 17.00 hours excluding Public Holidays. Warranty work cannot be scheduled for times outside of these hours. If a warranty visit that has been agreed and accepted by the client becomes unsuitable, a minimum period of 24 hours’ notice should be given in order to allow rescheduling of work.Access to Premises: Flats and multiple residences When Warranty work is to be performed on behalf of Local authority. It is the responsibility of the property owner/Landlord to notify residents in respect of expected visits and required access. In cases where access to multiple residences is required, each address being visited should have had reasonable notice and agreed to give access.Breaks (operatives) & Use of Facilities During a full working day (08:30 – 17:00) our operatives will be expected to take a lunch break. This may mean leaving site for a period of not more than 45 minutes. Whilst working on your premises/sites our operatives should be afforded the use of any WC facilities in place. Should this not be suitable the client should inform the company so that alternative arrangements can be made, such as location of the nearest public facilities.Parking Wherever possible we ask clients to make arrangements so that our operative’s vehicle can be parked on site. This minimises the repeated carrying of heavy machinery and thus reduces the total time on site. In the cases where this is not possible, we ask that the client advises us of the best nearest location to use.Bedding- in period – New systems In the case of new systems, installations are subject to a ‘soak test’ period of 14 days. No warranty claims will be accepted until the ‘Soak test’ Period has lapsed this is due to factors such as environmental acclimatisation, building usage, and Staff or property owners becoming familiar with operation of system.Duration of Warrantees All equipment supplied and work completed has a 12 month warranty from date of completion.Warranty claim denials Should BAC be called to attend a system fault that upon investigation is shown to be caused by environmental issues, User error, Vandalism or any scenario outside of manufacturer fault, the call-out, parts and subsequent time spent will be chargeable at standard contract rates. BAC charge £122.40 Including VAT (£102.00+vat) for a standard in hours Callout and 1 hours labour.

Specialist Equipment
Any warranty work that requires specialist tooling or access equipment will incur charges relating to plant hire. BAC is an ISO9001:2008 company and only use approved equipment sourced by registered rental companies. Therefore we cannot use customer equipment or drivers/Operators to complete tasks. In certain scenario’s where BAC has a long standing relationship with the client, BAC may arrange to incorporate their onsite equipment for engineer use providing the relevant accreditations are in place.

Working at height
It is the client’s responsibility to inform the company of any system elements that are situated at a height of above 15 feet in order for suitable equipment to be arranged before commencing work. Should the client not inform the company before attending, and subsequently the operative cannot complete the work, this will be recorded as a ‘Failed visit’.

In situations where the customer may have an outstanding balance. No warranty claims may be processed until any outstanding monies are settled in full.

In situations where the customer may wish to return any product, they must do so within 14 days or delivery. All goods must be in full working order and wherever possible with original packaging. Any claims for credit will not be entertained following the 14 day period.

Force Majeure
We shall not be liable for any failure to meet our obligations occasioned by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Equipment (Other)
BAC source products through reputable and established manufacturers. BAC reserve the right to refuse work based upon customers providing equipment not sourced through them. Should BAC agree to install equipment provided by the customer, the customer understands that BAC cannot offer warranty or guarantee of any kind.

Damage & Decorative Order
Should any material damage occur during warranty work, whether to premises (such as plaster or paint work), or fixtures and fittings (Lights, trim, furniture) should be reported within 10 days of BAC’s visit to site. Any claims made after this time will not be accepted. BAC take no responsibility for ‘making good’ in respect of painting, plastering, filling, skirting etc., unless specifically agreed in writing.

Maintenance Cancellation
BAC Fire & Security Ltd hold the right to cancel and suspend any services/agreements if the client is not responding to any notices, payment requests or providing the requested information. Should a customer’s warranty be extended due to a maintenance plan, the extended aspect of the warranty will also cease from the date of cancellation.

Customer Feedback
BAC are Trading Standards approved and invite client feedback through our website upon completing installations. All Feedback is totally anonymous and allows BAC to closely monitor performance and customer satisfaction. BAC do not receive any information regarding client details.

All other rights are reserved to BAC
Any infringement of our rights will result in the appropriate legal action. By using BAC services you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions shown in this document. BAC reserve the right to change or alter our terms and conditions at any time and without notice.

Please send any queries relating to this document to E-mail: service@bacsecurity.com

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