Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Customer Information
Any personal details given online for the provision of a particular service, will be stored on a secure server. This data will be held and processed under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998. Such information may be shared across BAC Fire & Security Ltd for the purpose of providing and improving services to you. This will aid our ability to take information once and minimise the length of time each future contact will take. We will not share information with any third parties unless required to do so by law – this might include the Police if requested to aid the prevention and detection of crime. In line with the GDPR 2018 all personal data collected will be used for contractual purposes ONLY. Our full privacy statement is available at www.bacsecurity.com or alternatively available upon request from BAC Fire & Security, Unit 4 Stoke View Business Park, Stoke View Road, Fishponds, Bristol BS16 3AE, Tel: 0117 9583838. The information we gather will also enable us to better understand your needs and how you use BAC services so that we can continue to improve our performance over time. The use of your personal information is covered by our registration under the Data Protection Act 1998. Under this legislation you can request a copy of the information we hold about you. If any information we hold about you is incorrect please let us know. Please see the relevant GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) section later in this document.

Key holder & Police Response
Monitoring, via Digital Communicator COMPLIES FULLY WITH SEQUENTIAL VERIFICATION POLICIES AND PD6662:2004 ENTRY/EXIT PROCEDURES. This ensures that any loss of communication with the premises will be immediately actioned and investigated by the Police and first available key holder. If a break-in occurs the digital communicator will dial our 24 hour central station facility, reporting the exact position of the detection equipment activated and the sequential verification will enable them to track movements within the premises. You will be asked to complete a Notice of Intention to install form; this is to enable a Unique Reference Number (U.R.N) to be obtained from the Police. Without this number Police will not attend the premises in the event of activation.


NOTE: BAC can only offer POLICE RESPONSE to systems that meet ALL current ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) policy. Should a system fall below the required standard, BAC will offer a quotation to upgrade the system to the required standard. All work relating to upgrading of systems is fully chargeable.

URN Information
Police services in the UK will only offer a response to confirmed alarm signals from a monitored alarm system which has been granted a Police URN (Unique Reference Number), the aim being to provide an effective response to genuine intruder and panic attack alarms.

Monitoring Information
The Digital Communicator (ATS), with a pre-programmed chip, will be fitted in the control panel, to transmit a coded electronic signal to our 24 hour, manned, communication Centre (NACOSS approved).

Monitoring Cancellations – Excludes DigiCom

Once a monitoring format has been ordered by the client the relevant equipment will be configured specifically for the client’s site and cannot be used elsewhere. Due to this a cancellation and administration charge is applicable to cover time spent setting up the account and programming of equipment. Depending on device type the maximum charge would be £120.00 including vat (£100.00+vat).

System Verification

All Intruder Alarm Systems requiring Police response must be verified, therefore upon commissioning, Pin 6 will be programmed for verification. This will enable the Alarm Receiving Centre to inform Police and key holders the exact position of activation. This will verify that the activation is not a false alarm, thus ensuring priority Police response and eliminate false alarms which result in a waste of Police time and inevitable loss of Police response.
Verification is compulsory in accordance with ACPO Policies.
* Two maintenance visits per year, to check the integrity of the alarm system and to comply fully with PD6662:2004.
* A full 365 days a year, 24 hour call-out service provided by our team of fully qualified service engineers, who are ready to help on any queries you may have.

Access to Premises: General
This quotation is given on the understanding that access to the premises is available Monday to Friday between 08.30 – 17.00 hours excluding Public Holidays. Should we be requested to work outside these hours an additional charge may be levied.
If an installation date that has been agreed and accepted by the client becomes unsuitable, a minimum period of 24 hours’ notice should be given in order to reschedule work. In cases where a period less than this is given, an administration charge of £60.00 Including VAT (£50.00 +vat) will become applicable.

Access to Premises: Flats and multiple residences
The notifying of residents in respect of expected visits and required access is the responsibility of the properties landlord.
In cases where access to multiple residences is required, each address being visited should have had reasonable notice and agreed to give access. In the cases where upon attendance access is refused or the resident is absent, this will be recorded as a ‘Failed visit’.

The Fire Brigade will use any force deemed necessary to gain access to a building should they have reason to believe a Fire is in progress. BAC Fire & Security Ltd take no responsibility or liability for any damage sustained to property or it’s gates/Doors/Roller shutters/Fencing etc… through access being gained by force unless directly caused through BAC’s negligence.

Failed Visits & Noise levels during Maintenance visits
Unless a failed visit is the result of attendance outside of the agreed time frame, or of an emergency nature. I.e: Access denied due to
Police/Emergency services involvement, a rescheduling charge at BAC’s current rate is applicable. BAC charge £122.40 Including VAT (£102.00+vat) for a standard in hours Callout and 1 hours labour. For out of hour’s attendance a surcharge of 19% is applicable to these costs. During our maintenance visits our engineers will need to test sounders as part of the service. Depending on the system, sound levels can reach in excess of 100DB. Please be aware of if this when booking a visit as if we cannot complete our service due to noise restrictions, or delayed, BAC will abandon the visit and reschedule to another day. This will incur a rebooking fee of £55.50 +vat

Appointment times/ Time slots & Failed Visits due to incorrect customer information
Due to the nature of reactive calls, BAC engineers may be delayed on a previous call. This can cause a ‘Ripple effect’ through the scheduled day. In order to avoid disappointment and manage customer expectations fairly, BAC will only offer a ‘Time window’ of up to three hours. The engineer could arrive at any time during your given slot. I.e.: If your time window is between 12:00 midday and 15:00 hrs, the engineer could arrive at ANY time between 12:00 and 15:00 hours. Please do not call the office and chase your engineer unless the given time window has completely expired.
In the event of BAC attending an incorrect address due to being provided inaccurate/incorrect information, BAC reserve the right to charge for any time spent travelling or administration time spent in attaining the correct information. This is chargeable at the standard contract rates but may be waived at the discretion of the Managing Director.

Breaks (operatives) & Use of Facilities
During a full working day (08:30 – 17:00) our operatives will be expected to take a lunch break. This may mean leaving site for a period of not more than 45 minutes. Whilst working on your premises/sites our operatives should be afforded the use of any WC facilities in place. Should this not be suitable the client should inform the company so that alternative arrangements can be made, such as location of the nearest public facilities.

Wherever possible we ask clients to make arrangements so that our operative’s vehicle can be parked on site. This minimises the repeated carrying of heavy machinery and thus reduces the total time on site. In the cases where this is not possible, we ask that the client advises us of the best nearest location to use.

Variations to Specification
When a quotation/specification is offered to a client and subsequently accepted, the client is also accepting the installation method specified. Should the client make changes to the installation method additional costs may apply. Any modification subsequently found necessary to counteract adverse environmental or electro-magnetic conditions affecting the performance of the system, may also give rise to additional charges. Any work relating solely to the grading and the design of Intruder Alarm Systems are done so according to PD6662 and EN50131. The grading and design are based on a survey of the premises and information available at the time, including any valuation(s) or other information provided by the customer or the customer’s representative.

Bedding- in period – New systems
In the case of new systems, installations are subject to a ‘soak test’ period of 14 days. This is due to factors such as environmental acclimatisation, building usage, and Staff or property owners becoming familiar with operation of system. This minimises the risk of false alarms and ensures longevity of fault free function. In these cases should additional work be required to configure the system differently in order to optimise its performance, or should additional hardware be required due to factors not previously mentioned during the initial client consultation, a further client consultation will take place in which any applicable additional costs will be discussed and agreed upon before work continues. This bedding in period does not affect Warranty or payment terms.

All work and equipment carries a standard 12 month warranty. Customers can safeguard their system through purchasing higher tiers of maintenance contracts that offer all-inclusive terms.

Planned Maintenance
Planned maintenance is completed in strict accordance with the relevant UK and or European standards. The purpose of planned maintenance is to prolong the service life of Already Fully Functional systems by identifying any likely failure of components due to age or wear and tear, and to ensure the system is ‘fit for purpose’, if, during these visits faults should be identified, a quote will be generated and submitted to the client explaining all relevant charges, before any reparation work is undertaken. Any work outside of the planned maintenance will be fully chargeable.

System issues following a Planned Maintenance visit
Planned maintenances can sometimes cause your system to become more effective than before. When we service or repair an area that was not previously responsive, you may find that your system now activates too easily or has a false alarm or two. In this scenario we generally find that a minor adjustment will remedy the issue. Any call backs must be requested within 10 days of our attendance otherwise callout and labour costs may apply

Inclusive Planned Maintenance
BAC sometimes offer free planned maintenance as part of an installation. BAC reserve the right to retrospectively withdraw this offer without notice or reason. The free maintenance aspect of installations have no value within the quoted cost, subsequently no discount or rebate is applicable.

Working at height
It is the client’s responsibility to inform the company of any system elements that are situated at a height of above 15 feet in order for suitable equipment to be arranged before commencing work. Should the client not inform the company before attending, and subsequently the operative cannot complete the work, this will be recorded as a ‘Failed visit’ and the relevant costs will be chargeable. In situations requiring specialist equipment, such as scissor lifts, the client will be liable for any additional charges for equipment hire. The client will be contacted and further consultation will occur to discuss any additional applicable costs.

Payment will be required in full upon completion of works unless previously agreed in writing. If payment is not received within the terms provided additional collection costs of £200.00 Including VAT (£166.66 +vat) may be applied. Should the invoice not be settled within the above period a reminder will be sent .Should the invoice remain outstanding after a further 14 days the URN’s will be withdrawn resulting in Police response service being suspended and the customers notified in writing. In the event of service suspension, full reconnection fees may apply depending on length of period suspended.

Payment Terms
Our standard commercial customer credit terms are 30 days, any ongoing works are liable to be put on hold and no future work shall be undertaken until full payment of all monies overdue are paid. We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed terms. Domestic sales are expected to be paid upon completion unless previously agreed in writing.
Cheque payment: Make cheques payable to ‘BAC Fire & Security Ltd’; please ensure your guarantee card number is on the rear of cheque if applicable.
Bank Transfers: We bank with Lloyds TSB, details of our account numbers can be found on your invoice. When you make payment please use your invoice number as a payment reference.
Credit/Debit Card BAC DO NOT accept Credit or Debit cards.
Prices stated within Quotations and Estimates
Any estimates or quotations given are based upon BAC Fire & Security Ltd’s current costs of equipment and operation. Any estimate or quotation is liable to change to cover any rise or fall in such costs at any time after acceptance the acceptance period of 30 days; this is understood by the Client.
All BAC Fire & Security Ltd estimates or quotations are subject to VAT at the current rate of 20% where applicable.
Specially Ordered and Non-Stocked Items
On the occasion that BAC order goods or equipment outside of our ordinary product range, BAC reserve the right to charge a restocking fee in line with our supplier’s charges, on occasion this may be as much as 40%. On the occasion that BAC cannot return the goods, the full invoice cost is applicable.
Force Majeure
We shall not be liable for any failure to meet our obligations occasioned by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.
General Installation Notes
The installation will be carried out in a professional manner and is expected to take no longer than specified. The costs shown are given on the understanding that access to the premises is available Monday to Friday between 08.30 – 17.00 hours excluding Public Holidays. Should we be requested to work outside these hours an additional charge may be levied. In order to arrive at the prices stated within this quote, we assume that we have been provided with all relevant information in relation to the job. In the case of tenders we assume we have received all information required in the respect of drawings, reports, Fire risk assessments etc.

We reserve the right to adjust our costs should we later be advised of information not previously disclosed which impacts upon our system design and/or required work period. Prices are based on the assumption that the work will be carried out in accordance with the specification agreed between parties. Any variations thereto, abnormal working conditions or other work found necessary may be subject to amended charges. All prices stated are subject to VAT.

Specification adjustment
In respect of System installation delivery, BAC reserve the right to request additional costs in the event that of the following:
• Further equipment being required to meet standard due to lack of information or change of layout.
• Inaccurate site drawings or information.
• Inaccurate specification
• Property damage caused by others
• Site delays caused by lack of access
• Site delays caused by restricted working hours

Service delivery through partnerships

• All Fire extinguisher maintenance are provided for BAC by Avon Extinguishers Ltd.
• All of our PAT testing, Fixed Installation and Thermographic survey services are provided for BAC by Safety Test (UK) Ltd.
• All of our Key Holding and manned guard services are provided for BAC by The NSG Security Group Ltd.

Re-use of Existing Equipment (Where Applicable)
BAC will not be held liable for any failure or malfunction caused by the use of existing equipment or wiring. Should an electrical inspection be required at the time of installation, this can be provided but will include additional charges. Use of existing equipment or wiring shall be subject to satisfactory inspection at the time of installation. Should any repair or replacement be found necessary or subsequently ensue, this may give rise to additional charges. Any modification subsequently found necessary to counteract adverse environmental or electro-magnetic conditions affecting the performance of the system, may also give rise to additional charges.

In respect of Fire Risk Assessments
On the occasion that BAC & Aegis Services conduct and complete fire risk assessments, we confirm that in preparing these assessments we have exercised all reasonable skill and care. The content of the assessment is based on observations and the information and access provided at the time to us. All such information is accepted in good faith as being factual, accurate and a valid representation of the situation on the day of the assessment. No guarantee can be given that any subsequent visit by inspectors with statutory powers may result in other breaches of legislation being found. Whilst every care is taken to interpret current legislation and approved codes of practice(s), these can only be authoritatively interpreted by courts of law. BAC & Aegis Services cannot accept responsibility to any parties whatsoever, following the issue of this report, for matters arising, which may be considered outside the scope of works.
BAC & Aegis Services have assumed that all relevant building regulations were complied with in the construction of the premises, including any extension(s), conversion(s), renovation(s) and refurbishment(s). We have not looked at roof spaces or other hidden area in the premises except where there was an obvious fire hazard that reasonably required further investigation.
The assessments are issued in confidence and BAC & Aegis Services cannot accept any responsibility to any third parties to whom this assessment may be circulated, in part or in full and any such parties rely on the contents of this assessment solely at their own risk. In addition we can accept no responsibility for any fire that may occur on the premises. This risk assessment, if acted upon, will reduce the likelihood of a fire occurring, it will not guarantee that a fire will never occur. If you follow the advice, the effects of fire will be mitigated. You must ensure that you have the appropriate insurance in place to cover any loss or damage in the event of a fire. The Responsible Person(s) needs to understand that the assessment is there to assist them in helping meet their statutory responsibilities under fire safety law. It should be reviewed regularly and updated accordingly.

Equipment (Other)
BAC source products through reputable and established manufacturers. BAC reserve the right to refuse work based upon customers providing equipment not sourced through them. Should BAC agree to install equipment provided by the customer, the customer understands that BAC cannot offer warranty or guarantee of any kind.

Damage & Decorative Order
Any material damage whether to premises (such as plaster or paint work), or fixtures and fittings (Lights, trim, furniture) should be reported within 10 days of BAC’s visit to site. Any claims made after this time will not be accepted. BAC take no responsibility for ‘making good’ in respect of painting, plastering, filling, skirting etc., unless specifically agreed in writing.

All installation quotes are based upon surface clipping or trunking of cables unless specifically specified otherwise. BAC reserve the right to substitute cable type used in order to provide best value. In these circumstances BAC will only substitute cable for a product of equal performance. All cable used in all installations will be appropriate for application and fully compliant to any relevant UK standards. This has no effect on customer warranty.

Mains Supplies/Fused spurs
All dedicated supplies, fused spurs and their connection to consumer units for new installations are the responsibility of the client unless previously agreed in writing.

Hazardous environment & Asbestos
After initial inspection, if ASBESTOS should be found to be present on site, any additional equipment or treatments required will be chargeable at the customer’s expense. It is the client’s responsibility to make the company aware of any hazardous material or equipment within the areas that work is expected to take place. Should, upon arrival any operative of the company deem the site unsafe/unfit for work they will report back to the company immediately. The company may then dispatch an assessor based upon level of risk to ensure that Health and safety guidelines are adhered to and make arrangements for the required changes to take place in order to ‘make safe’ the working environment. In the above circumstances, the client will be held liable for any additional time costs and/or additional protective equipment required to complete work safety.

Environmental Responsibility – Waste
BAC is accredited by ISO14001 in recognition of our environmentally responsible policies. BAC contract the disposal and wherever possible, the recycling of our waste to Bristol Waste LTD.
Levels of Maintenance cover BAC Fire & Security Ltd offer three levels of maintenance contract. The main options available are outlined below.

Standard – This is our basic agreement which offer you the standard maintenance visits applicable to your systems. Any additional call-outs outside of your annual visits are chargeable, as is any additional labour costs or parts.
Premium – This level of cover includes the standard annual visits, but also includes any additional call-outs and labour. The only additional charges that are applicable would be parts, although a level 2 customer also benefits from discounted part costs.
Comprehensive – This is the premium level of cover offered by BAC, as a level three customer EVERYTHING is inclusive. No additional annual costs at all, this includes all labour, callouts and parts
NOTES: Should BAC be called to attend a system fault that upon investigation is shown to be caused by environmental issues, User error, Vandalism or any scenario outside of manufacturer fault, the call-out and subsequent time spent will be chargeable at standard contract rates. BAC charge £122.40 Including VAT (£102.00+vat) for a standard in hours Callout and 1 hours labour. For out of hour’s attendance a surcharge of 19.5% is applicable to these costs.

Wi-Fi Products and Internet based Installations
BAC may offer solutions that are ‘sat’ on your home or businesses Wi-Fi network. When offering these products BAC make the assumption that your home broadband supply is both stable and reliable. BAC cannot be held responsible for poor network performance or other aspects outside of our control. BAC will endeavour to configure products to run at optimum speeds but if signal strength should require wi-fi ‘boosters’ or other associated equipment it will be the financial responsibility of the client.

Complaints should be sent in writing to: The Customer service desk, BAC Fire & Security Ltd, Unit 5 Stoke View Business Park, Bristol, BS16 3AE or via email to customersatisfaction@bacsecurity.com. Please entitle your query ‘Complaint’, BAC will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 24 hours and will provide a written response within 10 working days. In addition to the above, BAC are proudly Trading Standards approved and so invite client feedback upon completing a job wherever possible. You can leave feedback in two ways, if you would like us to respond to your comments and provide response please forward your letter or e-mail to ‘hello@bacsecurity.com’, however, if you would like to leave anonymous feedback please visit our website www.bacsecurity.com’ and look for the feedback at the top of the site, you will be asked to click through a satisfaction survey and have the opportunity to leave comments at the bottom of the form. All Feedback forms are totally anonymous and allows BAC to closely monitor performance and customer satisfaction. BAC do not receive any client information regarding website feedback forms.

In respect of maintenance contracts: Please submit your intention to cancel within 30 days of your renewal date. This should be presented in writing, either by post or by e-mail to info@bacsecurity.com. BAC Fire & Security Ltd hold the right to cancel and suspend any services/agreements if the client is not responding to any notices, payment requests or providing the requested information. If the client wishes to reactivate their account and services they may be liable to pay an administration charge of £120.00 Including VAT (£100.00 +VAT). In respect of Installations: When a new installation quote has been accepted by the client in writing (Including e-mail confirmation) BAC will order the equipment in preparation for starting work. In some cases, dependant on the supplier and manufacturer, a handling fee may be applied to returned orders. Should the client then cancel the work, BAC reserve the right to counter charge the client any incurred handling costs. This will be at cost price and all paperwork relating to these charges will be made available to the client. Handling charges vary from 10% to 25% depending on equipment manufacturer.

The Client shall be deemed to have accepted the equipment and services on completion of works/delivery but BAC Fire & Security Ltd shall retain ownership of all system designs, materials and equipment until they have been paid for in full. In the instance of installation or delivery of equipment being made prior to payment being received then BAC Fire & Security Ltd have the right to collect any and all equipment provided, by any means necessary. Any charges incurred for collection will be invoiced to the Client along with any original costs.

In situations where the customer may wish to return any product, they must do so within 14 days or delivery. All goods must be in full working order and wherever possible with original packaging. Any claims for credit will not be entertained following the 14-day period.

Certification & Handover
When any Installation is completed our engineers will run through the use of your system and provide training to anyone who may be using the system. BAC make allowance to provide user training on a maximum of 2 occasions not exceeding an hour each time. Should further training be required after this time a site attendance charge may be applicable.

Once the system is fully commissioned a certificate of compliance will be issued to you. In the case of Intruder Alarm systems your will be provided with SSAIB certification, In the case of Fire Alarms the Certification will be BAFE. The cost of certification is included in the Installation costs although the following charges apply should you require duplicates. SSAIB Intruder Certification is £25.00 Including Vat (£20.83 +Vat) and BAFE Fire Certification is £60.00 Including Vat (£50.00+Vat). Annual Service certification is included in your maintenance agreement costs.

SSAIB Inspection
The Company has been awarded certification to British Standard BS EN ISO 9001 Quality Assurance in Production, Installation and Servicing covering Intruder Detection, Access Control and CCTV Systems. The Company is an Approved Installer on the Roll of the Security Systems Alarm Inspectorate Board (SSAIB). A condition for enrolment is that all installations comply with the relevant British and European Standards. When the work is completed a certificate of compliance is issued to you. In your interest installations are liable to Inspection by SSAIB.
General Data Protection Regulation (From May 25th 2018)
BAC is a Data protection registered company. This means that we collect and manage information about our customers as and when required in order to provide our services. The information BAC hold pertains only to customer requirements and configuration information relating to customer systems. The information we hold allows us to deliver the maintenance, installation and repair services requested. Should customers wish to make a subject access request, this needs to be done in writing or e-mail. BAC will return all relevant information within one calendar month.

BAC may choose to sever any connection or support of any organisation or individual should there be some over-riding reason to do so, e.g. because it poses a significant and material risk to BAC’s reputation and credibility, or a significant and material breach of BAC’s obligation to maintain political neutrality. It is not possible to be prescriptive on what would pose such a threat and each case will need to be consider on its own merits.

Website & Website resources
The BAC Fire & Security Ltd website  www.bacsecurity.com) is a service operated by Bristol Website Design, Cheddon Road, Taunton, Somerset, TA2 7AP. You are welcome to download any of the reference material from our website for your own personal use. You accept all risks from downloading, installing or using the material. BAC will not be responsible for any damage (including any damage caused by viruses) to your computer or software or any losses or damage suffered by you as a result of downloading, installing or using the material. You will not, without the prior written agreement of BAC Fire & Security Ltd reproduce, redistribute or alter any of the material or alter or remove any copyright notices on the material. By downloading, installing or using any of the material you automatically agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, then please do not download, install or use any of the material.

Social Media
BAC Fire & Security Ltd operate various social media pages, namely Facebook (@bacfands) Twitter (@bacsecurity) and Linkdin (BAC Fire & Security Ltd). Customers are invited to follow our pages for industry news and information about our work and operatives. All content and photographic material remains the intellectual property of BAC Fire & Security Ltd. BAC may choose to ‘follow’, ‘like’ or otherwise establish connections with other organisations and individuals using social media. This is so that the BAC can maintain contact with what other social media users are saying and, where appropriate, share any suitable content. Sometimes we also need to establish a connection so that we can engage with users, e.g. via direct messages or posting. This is an emerging area of communications and as such BAC will review and amend its practice continuously. BAC does not implicitly or explicitly endorse any individual or organisation merely by virtue of creating an affiliation. This would apply to association to companies or clubs through Sponsorship, funding or charitable donation.

Armed Forces & Emergency Services Discount
BAC are happy to offer discounted services and rates to our emergency services and Armed forces on the understanding that BAC are made aware of at the point of contact. Therefore, if BAC are notified of your entitlement to discount after work is completed, we cannot apply discount retrospectively.

All other rights are reserved to BAC
Any infringement of our rights will result in the appropriate legal action. By using BAC services, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions shown in this document. BAC reserve the right to change or alter our terms and conditions at any time and without notice.

E-mail addresses
Please send any queries relating to this document to E-mail: verify@bacsecurity.com