BAC can provide systems for any environment. Bespoke delivery and fully compliant for any building or business.


BAC offer a range of high-quality CCTV solutions, meeting the security needs of any type of Home, Business, or budget. With nearly 30 years’ experience in surveillance technologies, BAC can design and install any format of CCTV from the aged but reliable Analogue HD systems to the higher-spec Full HD IP or 4K IP systems. BAC can also monitor any type of system, see our Maintenance and Monitoring pages for more information.


BAC is an approved installer of HIKVISION The World’s leading Manufacturer, due to the products reliability and quality of image this is our preferred brand. BAC can also provide CCTV from all leading manufacturers such as Honeywell®, GENIE®, DAHUA®, and many more should you have a preference.

Hik Authorised installer


Analogue CCTV Installations (up to 960H)

Analogue systems are still the most widely found existing systems, providing images up to a maximum of 960H on conventional copper cable. In recent years CCTV has come on in leaps and bounds with huge advancements in HD technology, because of the other formats now available BAC would advise against this format for any new installations. However, BAC understand that there are still many fully functional analogue systems out there working perfectly and so can offer a range of repairs or replacements parts if required.

HD-over-Coax CCTV (720p to 1080p)

Due to new ‘HD over Coax’ technology BAC can now offer system upgrades to full HD using your existing cabling. This can save you thousands on new system costs with just the Recording unit and cameras being replaced. HD-over-coax is also a great option when looking to upgrade to a full HD system on a limited budget. BAC utilise a range of Hybrid DVR’s (Digital Video Recorder) which allow the recording of existing analogue cameras alongside HD over coax cameras. This allows clients to upgrade at their own pace, replacing cameras as and when the budget allows.

IP CCTV Installations (720p - 29MP)

IP or network cameras have been available for quite a few years now. These systems are generally, only used for high specification systems such as Casinos, Airports and Ports due to the complexity and cost of such systems. Thankfully as time has gone on the equipment cost has reduced dramatically now making it a viable option for nearly everyone. IP systems are perfect for any installation where image resolution and user function are of paramount importance.


In certain environments, installing a CCTV system is instrumental as a deterrent and preventing crime. In the case of a crime occurring, it becomes your silent witness offering HD crisp images which are indisputable when used in court. In addition to the obvious positives there are a number of other benefits associated with an efficient CCTV installation.

A CCTV system is also beneficial in respect of the remote monitoring of your home or business. This can be useful in observing the activity of any visitors, as well as providing peace of mind and a safe environment for your employees, or family.

A well-designed CCTV installation can also result in reduced costs, eliminating the need for increased staff levels as security personnel who would be needed to man the site are no longer considered a necessity.

CCTV can provide 24-hour supervision, at a fraction of the cost.