Guarding your property with BAC keyholding services

Setting Up Keyholding Guard Response

Much like the Brigade or Police response, BAC can arrange for you to have a professional Keyholding service which provides security guard response in the event of an activation. When you take out keyholding BAC will list our Guard team as your keyholders, this means that in the event of an activation our ARC will despatch professional Security Guards to attend to your property.

As your keyholders you will need to provide them with a set of their own keys, as well as a dedicated alarm code or proximity fob. Keyholding customers will receive a full Guard report the next morning, outlining any actions taken during the night.

What are the REAL benefits of having a Keyholding service?

All of our Keyholding Guards are experienced and fully trained. When you subscribe to our service you can rest easy knowing that whoever attends your building will be proficient in dealing with a multitude of different situations that could be the cause of your alarm activation.

Whether it’s the full internal and external patrols, liaising with emergency services, the resetting of your systems, the temporary reconfiguration of the system to omit a damaged detector, or arranging a boarding up service in the case of window or door damage. Our security personnel always act in your best interests.

Our Keyholding Guards also enjoy the back-up provided by our control room at head office facilitating Police response at the push of a button if required. Using BAC for your keyholding also means you eliminate any associated risk to your employees. Not only is this good for your peace of mind, but also staff morale, as your employees feel more valued knowing you aren’t willing to put their wellbeing at risk.

Benefits of Keyholding

  • No more middle of the night call outs for your staff, eliminating the inconvenience of a disturbed night’s sleep, and eradicating any anxieties they may be subject to when they’re ‘on call’.
  • Faster response times mean minimised Loss or damages as professional and highly visible security personnel generally panics criminals into aborting a crime.
  • Increased security provided by highly visible professional guards
  • Decreased risk of personal injury claims from Employees
  • Potential savings on insurance costs as some companies may be willing to offer discounted premiums, in rare cases even covering the cost of the keyholding service.