The Benefits Of Using BAC Fire And Security For Your Commercial Projects

Your business is your livelihood and that of anybody you employ so we understand why the welfare of you, your staff and your business is one of your top priorities. In terms of safety and security, only the best will do. At BAC Fire and Security, we take these things seriously.

As a business owner, you want to be confident that anyone you hire to take on the significant challenge of securing and protecting your premises has the knowledge, experience and trustworthiness to do this effectively.

Whether you are looking for a basic system or something a little more complex, here at BAC, we pride ourselves on our diverse knowledge and expert approach, covering everything so that you don’t have to worry. You can use BAC for your commercial projects and subcontract us to be your specialist fire and security provider. But if you’ve never worked with us before, you’re going to want to make sure that we are up for the task; the benefits of using BAC on a commercial level will demonstrate why you should choose us.

Who Is BAC?

For more than 30 years, BAC has specialised in the area of intruder alarms, having begun its journey in the 1990s as the Bristol Alarm Company. Over time and through extensive training and consumer need, the company expanded and as such, boosted the range of services available.

BAC Fire and Safety is a family run business, so you know that, alongside complete professionalism, you will also receive a personal and welcoming service. The company has been largely managed by MD Stephen Reynolds who has a staggering 40 years of experience within the security industry.

With Stephen still at the helm, much of the company’s operations are now overseen by his two sons, Adam and Neil who between them have more than 30 years of experience in both security and fire.

Working with us, you will also have regular contact with our compliance and safety expert, Ben Reynolds. Having someone dedicated to this aspect of our work ensures that everything we do is to the very strictest standards.

But our work doesn’t stop at our office doors or even out in the field. BAC prides itself on being a local company and as such, gets involved in many community initiatives. In and around the Bristol area, we aim to work with young people for a better future, being actively involved with school programs and youth football teams. This is something we have now been doing for more than 10 years and aim to continue this for the foreseeable future.

Our Accreditations

When you choose to work with BAC Fire and Security, you are putting your commercial project into the safest hands. Of course, our lengthy experience in the field goes a long way but that isn’t enough to prove our competence. With several accreditations, you can feel secure in the knowledge that we operate, safely, legally and professionally.

  • For fire safety, BAC is BAFE accredited meaning that our practises and company have been assessed by an independent person to confirm that we can safely design, install, repair and maintain fire alarm systems.
  • In terms of security, the equivalent accreditation, SSAIB which assessed our competence to design, install, repair, and maintain security systems by international standards.
  • We take everything we do seriously and health and safety is one of our main priorities. As such, BAC Fire and Security has been checked and awarded with the iSO 45001 accreditation.
  • Our ISO 14001 accreditations confirm that we fully comply with all environmental factors including reducing waste and remaining green.
  • BAC Fire and Security also have an ISO 9001 accreditation which demonstrates our company’s quality. This is a globally recognised accreditation and is seen across more than 180 nations worldwide; we are very proud to be a part of this.
14001 Logo
9001 Logo

What Services Do We Provide?

While back in the early days of the company, BAC provided security alarms alone, our experience and knowledge has allowed us to expand over the years and as such, we now offer a complex range of services to suit every client’s needs.

We have vast experience in the housing sector having worked on a variety of social housing projects in our early days. This has grown and our experience in this area is impressive. But whatever the nature of your project, we are fully equipped and ready to take on the challenge while bringing you the following services.

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Telecare systems
  • Fire safety and security consultations
  • Design and installation of your chosen system
  • Monitoring and maintenance; we operate a 24/7 fully staffed service with free and unlimited telephone tech support.
  • Keyholding services

Who Are Our Clients?

BAC Fire and Security is a diverse company that is proud to work within a range of industries. While our link to the housing sector is vast, we also operate in schools and businesses of all types. From storage companies and electrical contractors to domestic clients, we have hundreds of satisfied clients and our expansion, giving us three times the number of engineers we initially had, means that we are always happy to take on new clients.

Our clients are able to leave everything in our capable hands. From the design and installation of your system through to monitoring and 24 hours response, our clients trust us to do it all.

Who Could Benefit From Working With Us?

If you are looking for quality solutions to your fire safety and security needs on a commercial level, BAC Fire and Security will likely be able to help you. Regardless of your business type, we have vast experience and detailed knowledge to provide you with everything you need, every step of the way.

Housing associations and education facilities are some of our key areas of expertise, but we are also able to provide solutions for any of the following businesses. Although, this is by no means an exhaustive list; if you’re looking for fire and security solutions, you can get in contact with a member of our knowledgeable team to discuss your needs.

  • Electrical contractors
  • Building contractors
  • Commercial property developers
  • Project management
  • Local authorities
  • Facilities management organisations

What Are The Benefits Of Subcontracting To BAC Fire And Security?

Here at BAC Fire and Security, we know that you need to have 100% confidence in our reliability and quality. Fortunately, these are two things that we have built up a significant reputation for.

Local Company

Supporting local businesses is something that many people are focused on in recent times. In our local area, we aim to be much more than just a business; we want to be a major part of the community. One of the greatest benefits of working with local companies like us is that we know the area and we want to improve it and enjoy it just as much as you do.

Your commercial project is likely going to be aimed at local residents and businesses. With our knowledge of the community and active involvement in sponsorships, your project will be benefiting before we have even begun.

Moreover, it is known that supporting local businesses is better for the environment. Smaller companies are much more easily able to reduce their carbon footprint when compared to national and international businesses, and this is something that we heavily focus on.

Not only this but the more we are able to expand our business, the more we will be able to offer employment opportunities to local residents. It really does work both ways and since our reputation in the local community is currently excellent, we want to keep it that way.

Years Of Experience

Everybody has to start somewhere, but here at BAC Fire and Security, we have come a long way from our humble beginnings as the Bristol Alarm Company. While we look back on the early days of our company with fondness, we are proud to be where we are today. With a combined experience spanning more than 30 years, our current management team knows what they are doing.

Much of the work you get from us will come from our qualified engineers and installers, all of whom have extensive knowledge and experience. You can rest assured that every job we do is backed by this experience and we always strive to achieve the best.

But it doesn’t stop there. As time goes on and technology develops, BAC Fire and Security is always aiming to move with the times. As we work, we are constantly discovering new information and applying this to our day to day operations and this means that our business will continue to be able to offer you nothing but the best.

Qualified and Accredited By Industry Bodies

It is easy to start a business and claim to know what you are doing but at BAC Fire and Security we put our money where our mouth is and can proudly lay claim to having all of the relevant accreditations and qualifications.

In order to be the best and achieve our accreditations with some of the largest industry bodies, we have had to prove ourselves time and again. We are happy to continue doing this so that your qualifications and accreditations continue to be relative.

We are fully accredited in the areas of design, installation, repair and replacement of intruder alarm systems, CCTV systems and access control systems by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspections Board. To earn this accreditation, our company proved that it followed all of the correct police policies as well as being in line with insurers.

In addition to this, we are fully BAFE certified to design, install, repair and replace fire alarm systems to a high standard. This independent assessment allows us to demonstrate that, as a company, we are fully compliant and again, in line with what insurers would expect. Moreover, this is an ongoing program so we happily take part in yearly assessments to continue to prove our commitment to quality, professional work.

Perhaps one of the most well-recognised accreditations is that we have been fully approved by Trading Standards. This is something that instils much confidence in our clients and something that we are incredibly proud of. In order for us to have qualified for the Trading Standard Buy With Confidence Scheme, we needed to prove that our team are all fully CRB checked, we operate legally and ethically as well as offering excellent customer support and that our staff are fully qualified in their area of expertise. This program was designed to remove the risk of dealing with rogue traders and unless a trader has this certification, you should always proceed with caution.

In addition to the above accreditations, BAC Fire and Security has a wide range of certifications for health and safety, quality and our impact on the environment. If you are looking to work with a reliable company that prides itself on excellence, our list of accreditations will prove that we are more than up for the challenge.


While BAC Fire and Security is a family-run business, we aim to deliver a professional service at all times. But what is professionalism?

For us, we believe that being professional means having extensive knowledge in our field and being able to answer your questions with relevant information and in a confident manner. All the while, we remain polite, courteous and approachable.

Our team offers impeccable communication skills, dealing with clients in a friendly manner while managing problems in a timely and appropriate way. Our reliability is what sets BAC Fire and Security apart from the rest. We promise to always make you and your project a priority and we will always deal with issues as soon as they occur. In terms of our services, you can expect excellent time keeping, well mannered staff and top quality work.

All Staff Are Enhanced DBS/CRB Checked

If you are inviting our staff members to come into your premises and install or service your fire and security systems, you need to be 100% confident that they are honest, reliable and law-abiding people. While we always aim to employ this type of person, we know that our clients need that little extra confidence and as such, all of our staff are DBS and CRB checked.

A DBS check looks at the criminal record of any individual. It may show previous convictions and will detail if any prison time was served as a result of this. On the more advanced checks, information on whether the individual has been banned from working with children or vulnerable people will show up as well as any information that is relevant to their area of work.

The CRB check is a similar check that uses the Police National Computer to provide information on a person’s criminal history. Both spent and unspent convictions will be detailed, depending on the level of the check.

While there is no legal requirement for companies or organisations to have their staff undergo these kinds of checks, we believe that it is in the client’s best interests and for their safety. This is another level of client care that remains incredibly important to us.

Trusted and Reliable

In line with only employing staff that have undergone a DBS/CRB check, you can feel confident that working with us will be nothing but a pleasant and rewarding experience. Our team is incredibly reliable and have gained a trustworthy reputation that is undisputed.

But you don’t need to take our word for it. BAC Fire and Security are proud to display various testimonials from our previous and current clients who have referred to us as a ‘reliable firm who you know you can pick the phone up to and discuss your options’ and ‘the quality of the work done has always reassured us that we have made the right choice.’

 We want to continue to provide a trusted and reliable service and are always on hand at the end of the telephone to talk through your questions and concerns.

24 Hour Response

We know that security breaches and fires do not wait for business hours. As such, BAC Fire and Security is proud to offer a full response service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. No matter when you need us, we will always be there.

Our phone lines and monitoring systems are manned 100% of the time, giving you the peace of mind that your commercial project is in the safest hands. What’s more, we have telephone support for our clients at all hours so if there are problems with your system or you have any questions, you will always be able to get hold of us.

We Offer A Full Design And Installation Service

You could go to one company to design your system, another to install it and another to maintain it, but this is far less cost-effective and much more of a headache. At BAC Fire and Security, we want to find solutions that make life easier for our commercial clients because after all, we know that you already have a lot on your plate.

From the initial conversation, we will begin devising a system that works for you and our design team put in a lot of thought as to how our systems can benefit your project. Once you are happy with the design, we will install everything for you giving you a detailed rundown of how to use the system.

Even after installation, our team is on hand 24/7/365 to monitor and maintain your system. If you have any problems, we will return to repair or replace the issue, leaving you free to worry about other important things. When you work with BAC Fire and Security, the safety of your commercial project will be entirely in our hands.

Experts In Our Field -Trust Us To Deliver A Quality Service

With the many years of experience and wealth of different projects, BAC Fire and Security feels confident that a top-quality service will always be provided. Our business is much more than just a way to earn a living; this is a passion and this passion shows in the delivery of our services.

From that very first telephone consultation through to our final farewell, you can feel confident that quality is always what we aim for.

Continuity Of Service For Your Clients

If you are running a commercial property, whether it be a housing association, school, retail premises or anything else, your clients need to feel secure with you. What we do is reflected in your business, allowing your clients to feel safe and secure at all times.

Our systems are 100% reliable and with our ongoing repair and maintenance service, you and your clients can rest assured that nothing will ever be left to chance. Over the course of time, this allows you to build a strong and trusted bond with your clients that we are happy to be a part of.

Peace Of Mind

The stress of running a commercial project can take its toll if everything is left to one manager. Transferring the load of security and fire safety to us will untie your hands to tend to other important aspects of your project, and you won’t need to worry about a thing. We have got everything covered.

Moreover, since we provide such reliable systems, you will have peace of mind that your commercial project is in safe hands. Even if the worst did happen, you can feel confident that our systems will provide the security, alerts and evidence that you need.