Fire Peripheries

BAC can provide systems for any environment. Bespoke delivery and fully compliant for any building or business.


BAC can offer a huge range of associated Fire safety devices to compliment your current provisions. UK Fire safety is stringent and for good reason, you may have the latest intelligent Fire Alarm in place but if your sites peripheries are not in place you could still be non-compliant.

If you are a Social housing landlord or care home owner whose residents like to prop open Fire doors, this could cause you problems if discovered during an inspection. BAC offer compliant solutions to such problems in the form of the Free-swing device from Exidor.

This excellent product looks like an ordinary door closer but is linked to the buildings Fire Alarm. The device allows residents to hold open their doors as and when they wish to, however in the event of a Fire Alarm activation the unit will safely shut the door into the closed position.

The unit is connected to the buildings electric supply, but also has an inbuilt battery back up as a contingent for any power outage events.

All Free-swing units are installed in full compliance to BS7273-Part 4 and are fully certified upon commissioning.