Do you represent a school or housing provider?

We know that fire safety is important to your students and residents. That’s why we offer comprehensive fire compliance services for schools, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions as well as residential properties. Our team of experts will help you stay in compliance with the latest regulations so you can focus on what matters most – education and living.

You want to be able to provide a safe environment for your students and residents without having to worry about being out of compliance with local laws. Let us handle all the details so that when it comes time for an inspection, you have nothing but peace of mind knowing everything is up-to-date!
BAC Fire & Security provides top-notch service at competitive rates because we care about our client’s success and safety just as much as ours!

Contact BAC Security today if you need assistance with complying with fire codes or would like more information on how we can help keep your property safe from fires!