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HD IP CCTV Network - Brechfa Wind Farm

The Customer

Started in 1988, SSE provide a vast scope of mechanical and electrical services from socket to street to substation, combining engineering excellence with trusted heritage to build, own, operate and maintain energy infrastructure. The company operates nationwide and serves both private and public sectors including Military, Local Authorities, Universities and Healthcare.

The Site

The Brechfa Forest is an area of forest in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. Brechfa Forest is the ‘modern’ name for part of the ancient Glyn Cothi Forest. The area was managed by local communities from the 6th century. The surrounding 15 villages used the forest to provide employment, building materials, products, and grazing for animals.

Jump forward a few hundred years and the forest provided refuge for Welsh Princes fighting the Norman Invasion. It was also a Royal Hunting Forest, and for two centuries was even producing large quantities of oil for lamps. At the beginning of last century the area was a major supplier of timber for the trenches and explosives during World War One. The area is now one of the pilot areas for Wales on supporting the development of a strong sustainable local economy.

As of June 2018 all 28 turbines at Brechfa Forest West Wind Farm became fully operational and began exporting renewable energy to
the National Grid. With an installed capacity of 57.4MW, the wind farm can generate enough renewable energy to meet the energy needs of over 38,000 average sized UK homes. In real terms that equates to almost half of all the households in Carmarthenshire.

Now a functioning power station, the sites Substation and Admin buildings required protecting. BAC were asked by SSE to provide
A suitable surveillance solution that could withstand the harsh surroundings without compromising reliability.

The Environment

The local area is a beautiful yet rugged landscape, completely open and susceptible to the harshest of weather conditions. Providing a suitable surveillance system in such a location required careful planning, a well-organised team equipped with suitable vehicles and
most importantly equipment that can cope with the worst of the Welsh weather. BAC operates a comprehensive vehicle fleet, including
4×4 models that carry our teams over the roughest of terrain.

The System, Delivery and Handover

The site was first provisioned with its own secure CAT5 network, allowing superb image transmission and longevity of service. This was cabled from the main office area to all camera locations. The system was designed to provide coverage of all entry points to the site, all high-risk locations and finally the base station itself.

All images are relayed back to the main NVR (Network Video Recorder) which is also networked to onsite Broadband allowing remote access and monitoring from other company locations.

BAC opted to use the HIKVISION product due to its previous performance on other exposed sites such as British Associated Ports in Southampton. The Cameras Specified are fully IP rated against even the most driving wind and rain, with Vandal-resistant housings and Full infrared night vision.

James Talbot (BAC Project Manger) remained and worked on-site for the duration of the process, inspecting quality of work and ensuring that Health and safety was being adhered to.

Despite tempestuous downpours and cutting winds, our teams delivered on time yet again and handed the Systems over to the happy client.

Full user training and O&M manuals were provided, as well as further training at Bristol offices to show SSE’s client how to manage the system remotely.

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BAC are fully accredited by The SSAIB for the Design, Installation, Monitoring and
Maintenance of all grades of CCTV system.

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