Ghosts Aren’t The Only Things That Go Bump In The Night! Security Tips For Halloween

Halloween should be a fun time of year. Children dressing up for trick or treating and adults heading off to fancy dress parties of their own, there’s a special feeling in the air that is adorned with that spookiness that we have all come to know and love. But unfortunately, Halloween isn’t only a time for fun and thrills; it has been proven, year after year, that crime rates tend to rise at this time of year.

But we don’t want you to miss out on this annual scare-fest, so while you are enjoying quality time with your family and friends, there are things that BAC Fire and Security can do to help you as well as a few helpful tips you can carry out yourself. Don’t put your business at risk this Halloween, let’s work together to protect your assets!

Crime At Halloween

Halloween was once a very American holiday and while a few people may have thrown an old sheet over their heads and painted on some eyes, the UK was certainly very late to the party. However, in recent years especially, there has been more of a focus on that special day at the end of October but with it comes an opportunity for criminals and we need to stay vigilant.

It would be easy to believe that the old myth that crime spikes over Halloween was nothing more than another tall tale to scare the wits out of you, as is the theme of the day. But there is a degree of truth in this and it is mostly related to alcohol use. While the kids are having their fun trick or treating, the grown-ups are getting just as rowdy in their own way.

Drinking heavily can lead to violence and anti-social behaviour
Drinking heavily can lead to violence and anti-social behaviour

It has become common in the UK for adults to don their costumes once the children have gone to bed and host parties or head out for a scare-fest evening on the town. It’s no secret that the drinking culture in this country is one not to be reckoned with, with Brits putting away up to £70’s worth of booze on a single night out. If that wasn’t worrying enough from a health perspective, it would also seem that alcohol serves as fuel for those who commit crimes.

This is the case with many holidays and crime generally tends to rise wherever there may be drink involved. Police see figures soar around New Year and at Christmas. But according to the Mirror, October stands out as the most dangerous month of the year. With Halloween falling at the end of this month, it pays to put a serious focus on your business so that you have peace of mind while you enjoy the festivities.

Another reason that crimes seem to go up around this time of year is that with the advantage of being able to wear a costume, criminals can better conceal themselves. If you are running a retail business, it would be far easier for a thief to enter, take what they please and never be recognised thanks to a mask. It might come as even more of a surprise to learn that, owing to the close proximity to bonfire night, opportunistic thieves will even attempt to pinch things to throw onto the fire!

Security Tips For Halloween

It can be a little intimidating to learn about how crime figures rise over the Halloween period. This isn’t exclusive to the UK, it would appear that this is a global trend, particularly in countries like the USA where Halloween is even more of a big deal. However, if you want to keep your business premises safe, there are things you can do to avoid becoming the next victim of crime.

Review Your Current Security Arrangements

One of the first things you should do in the run-up to Halloween is to set aside some time to review your current security plan. Ensure that all your alarms and other security system aspects are in full working order and consider upgrading if the system is out of date.

Installing A Security System

anti-social behaviour can lead to damage to property
anti-social behaviour can lead to damage to property

We know that it can feel like an endless task to monitor your business, especially during busy times of the year like Halloween. But through the installation of a security system, you will have far greater peace of mind when it comes to locking the doors at the end of the last day in October.

The type of property you are running will determine the best type of system for you but here at BAC Fire and Security, we cover a range of bases. What’s most interesting, however, is that the mere presence of a security system can serve as a deterrent to potential burglars or other criminals. Nobody wants to get caught and if it is evident that a security system is in place, most criminals won’t want the hassle of trying to evade this.

Make Sure You Have Outdoor Lighting

Whether you are open for business or want to offer your property extra protection once you head home, outdoor lighting is an invaluable resource. During opening hours, having the exterior part of your premises well lit will prevent people from lurking in the shadows where they can better conceal what they are doing.

Once you lock up for the evening, motion detection lights can be an excellent method of deterring would-be crims. Put yourself in the intruder’s shoes; if you approach a seemingly empty building only to be greeted by a flood of bright light, the last thing you are going to want to do is to hang around and get caught trying to break in.

Even if an intruder did get confident enough to attempt this, the lighting would provide a clearer image on your CCTV giving the police more chance of apprehending the suspect.

Outdoor lights are also suitable for businesses that suffer from loitering teenagers. At this age, children have a tendency to want to hide away and explore their limits. Unfortunately, this can often involve committing petty crimes such as theft or vandalism especially if they are hyped up because of the Halloween festivities. However, they want to do this well away from prying eyes and so illuminating the exterior part of the property is likely to deter teens.

Secure Your Property

It may seem like we are teaching you to suck eggs but you would be amazed at the number of business owners that omit to properly secure their premises when they leave for the night. It is important to have an excellent locking system on all doors and you may even consider access control if you feel that this is needed. However, what a lot of people fail to pay attention to are the windows.

You must ensure that the windows are properly locked, from the inside so that opportunists are not given easy access. In areas where crime is a particular problem, you may also want to consider barring the windows as an extra layer of security.

Many business owners employ staff who are responsible for locking up at the end of the day. If this is something you do, it is vital that you impress the importance of doing the job correctly onto your staff. Make it a part of their training to learn about the higher risk of crime around Halloween so that they understand why you expect such high standards. You might also offer training on how to spot suspicious activity so that employees can report this quickly.

What Can BAC Offer Your Business At Halloween?

BAC is a family business that prides itself on bringing our lengthy experience and superior knowledge to people like you. Our security systems are second to none and with various accreditations that allow us to design, install, maintain and repair a variety of different security solutions, your options are endless.

When Halloween comes around, you can try with all the will in the world to protect your business alone but this would be an almost impossible task. So why not let us take care of everything for you? Let us show you what you can expect from us when trusting us to keep your commercial property safe at Halloween.

Range Of Security Options

Here at BAC Fire and Security, we appreciate that every commercial property is different. As a result of this, we create a huge range of security options that can be altered to meet your individual needs. Whether it is a simple CCTV system or something much more complex, we have got you covered. Let us give you a brief introduction to what we can offer.

  • Our intruder alarms are designed with you in mind so whatever you need, you can feel confident that we will be able to develop and install a system that suits your business perfectly. We will survey the site and decide on what level of protection you need. What’s more, with integration, we can link your alarm up to other aspects of your security system for full protection.
  • You don’t simply want anyone being able to get into your property so BAC has developed a superior access control solution that is PAXTON approved. Whether you are looking for something simple like an electric lock or something a little more comprehensive that logs who has entered and when you can count on us to provide this.
  • Being able to see what is going on at your commercial property at all times, even when you aren’t there is essential. BAC Fire and Security offers a range of CCTV systems that deliver high-quality 4k images that will give you peace of mind that your commercial property is always being monitored.

All of our security systems are fitted by expert installers and with experience in the security field that spans more than 30 years, you know you are getting the best. What’s more, BAC is proud to have several accreditations meaning that everything we do is fully compliant giving you greater peace of mind.

System Monitoring

If you want to enjoy the Halloween festivities then it is important that you can do this without having to worry about what is going on at your business property. With a dedicated team of monitoring experts, you can leave your premises in our capable hands. BAC offers a detailed monitoring service for all types of system; even if that system wasn’t originally installed by us.

If you don’t have a monitored system, then while criminals may be caught, the emergency services may not be alerted on time. However, we will have eyes on your property at all times and will get in contact with the relevant authorities at the first sniff of anything untoward.

Furthermore, we offer keyholding services and have a team of highly skilled and professional security guards that will attend your property should an alarm be triggered. Not only will our guards explore the property and check for problems but they will also provide you with a detailed report for your records.

Our effective and reliable ARC system will send signals at every action whether that is a simple on or off of the alarm or a full trigger and this allows our team to respond appropriately.

Maintenance Services

It’s all well and good having a security system in place but how can you always be sure that it is in full working order? As you have probably now come to expect, BAC Fire and Security has an answer for everything and maintaining your system is one of our main concerns.

If your system is not well maintained, there is a risk that it will fail; and you may be the last to know about it. BAC offers a maintenance contract that gives you several advantages including regular maintenance checks, repairs and access to a 24/7/365 call centre for support when you need it the most. While a lot of people believe that this is just another expense, the value it provides to you is far more important. On top of this, your insurance policy will likely be lower if you can prove that you have a well-maintained system.

The Best Security In Bristol, Bath And The Surrounding Areas

Prestige Award Winners
Prestige Award Winners

Many companies claim to be the best but we at BAC really believe this to be true about our company. We have a detailed and long experience within the security industry and this isn’t merely a job for us; it’s a passion. We know the importance of good security, especially at times of the year, like Halloween when crime rates go up.

Dedicated to the local area, BAC prides itself on being an active member of the community and when we help to protect your business, we are creating a safer Bristol, Bath and other local areas; and that benefits everyone.

Operating Your Business Safely At Halloween

As well as making sure that your commercial property is safe when you aren’t there to keep an eye on things, you will also have a lot of other things to think about when preparing for Halloween as a business owner. If you have customers or visitors coming into your property, it is vital that you have systems in place to ensure their safety.

Fire Systems

One of our areas of expertise is the Fire Alarm system and with more than 30 years of experience, BAC is fully accredited to design and install these systems, providing you with excellent peace of mind where the safety of your patrons is concerned.

Our systems are designed to meet your needs and will help you to ensure that your business remains fully compliant, because after all, you have a legal responsibility for this. From heat and smoke detectors through to complex smart fire detection systems, we can cater to all commercial needs.

Protecting People In Your Business

It isn’t just worrying about detecting a fire, although that should be one of your main concerns. But you need to make sure that, in the event of an emergency, your clients and visitors are able to make their way out of the property quickly and safely.

Around Halloween, we all want to make a statement and many business owners choose to go all out with their decorations. There is nothing wrong with this but you must keep safety at the forefront of your mind. BAC’s fire alarm systems can only do so much and you have a responsibility to ensure your commercial property is safe. This means avoiding placing decorations in doorways or other areas that may serve as an escape route. Furthermore, you should make sure that any entrance and exit routes are clear and free from tripping hazards.

On top of this, you must keep in mind that, if you are open on Halloween night, people in costumes may have limited vision so might not see obstructions as easily. Moreover, you must make sure that access to safety equipment such as fire extinguishers is not compromised for the sake of a decorative spider or witch!

Avoid Candles

A lot of businesses want to create a spooky atmosphere on Halloween and while we aren’t here to try and spoil your fun, we must advise you to err on the side of caution. Candles are one of the best ways to create a dim, scary vibe but they are also one of the most dangerous options.

Any savvy business owner will tell you that safety is always the main priority so why not try fake, battery-operated candles that do not pose a fire risk? There are also several excellent coloured lights and electrical options that will give you just as spooky an environment without any danger. If you do opt to use dim lighting, be sure that entrances and exits are properly illuminated so that guests can find their way out in the case of an emergency.


We all want to have as much fun as possible on Halloween but there are risks involved. When you are running a business, there is a serious risk of crime especially on the one night of the year where criminals are more willing to try their luck. Using our handy tips combined with BAC’s high quality security systems and monitoring, you can rest assured that your business is in the best hands.