How To Investigate and report a Fire Alarm Activation

Advice for business or property Managers Fire or False Alarm? As a Responsible Person for your premises, you are required to maintain fire alarm systems and ensure their efficiency. If you have several Unwanted Fire Alarm Signals, there is a likelihood that people will ignore a genuine alarm. There’s a price to pay for false […]

Emergency Lighting – The importance of Testing and Maintenance

Despite being integral to the safety of your premises, most of us don’t even notice Emergency Light systems. They sit working quietly in place, silently waiting to step up and do their job should you ever need them. One of the most amazing, yet unfortunate parts of human nature is our ability to very quickly […]

CCTV Systems – Do it yourself? Or call the Professionals?

When it comes to choosing appropriate Security, ask yourself… What areas are you protecting and what impact would any losses have to your business? When you weigh up the potential loss against the cost of security, logic dictates the requirement for protection of some sort. Commercial property owners will generally have their insurance requirements to […]

Sprinkler Systems – A Brief Overview

A Brief History The world’s first recognisable sprinkler system was installed in the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in the United Kingdom in 1812 by its architect. The system was designed by William Congreve was covered by patent No 3606 dated the same year. The apparatus consisted of a cylindrical airtight reservoir of 95,000 litres fed […]

What makes Fire-Doors different?

What makes Fire doors different? A Fire door is one that has been specially designed and built to resist Fire for a set period of time. The most widely used fire door is the FD30. When installed properly with the correct fittings, this model of door will provide a barrier against smoke and flames for […]

Does GDPR protection affect CCTV?

Does GDPR protection affect CCTV? It certainly does. The usage of CCTV (Close Circuit Television) and the images captured of individuals, regardless of if its for security orfor health and safety purposes, all fall under the regulations of GDPR. Any images which can identify someone are considered personal data and as such require the same […]