Burglars don’t all operate at night – simple steps to prevent daylight robbery!

Burglaries are on the rise. It’s no secret that break-ins happen more often in daylight hours when you’re not home, and an unlocked door or window is all a criminal needs to gain entry into your home.

You can take simple steps to protect yourself from becoming a victim of burglary by

  • Keep doors locked
  • Close windows when you leave your house
  • Don’t leave valuables on show
  • Shut gates
  • Keep shrubs trimmed to reduce potential hiding spots

But it only takes one moment of carelessness for someone to enter through an open door or broken window.

Our security systems include 24/7 monitoring for intruder alarms so if there is ever any movement detected at your property, our system will notify us immediately and we’ll be able to respond quickly before anything happens.

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