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Case study - Bromford Housing

Fire additions at Rodway Court

With 100,000 residents to consider, it's no small task keeping their properties up to date.

The customer

Bromford are a housing association – one of the largest in the coutry. They have over 44,000 homes spread across central and south west England, housing 100,000 residents.

They believe in providing warm, safe and secure homes and they rely on BAC to ensure the safety of their residents and properties.

The building

Rodway Court is one of Bromfords flatted schemes for older people in the Mangotsfield area of Bristol. The site contains 28 seperate flats and well located close to the local shops and with good bus routes. There is an onsite laundry for residents, a communal lounge, space for scooter storage and a communal garden. All residents are over 50 with some requiring a high level of support.

The problem and the solution

Although fully compliant when originally installed, Rodway court’s fire provisions have needed updating as time has gone on.

Fire Alarm grades are based on how much detection is present, as well as it’s location. Since the original installations, the UK Fire Standards have been revised and now call for additional aspects to be considered within residential properties.

Bromford are committed to keeping their sites up to date with UK legislation and so asked BAC to survey the site and make the required changes.

Once BAC had attended site, we were able to put together a plan for Bromford, utilising as much of the existing system as possible in order to achieve compliance whilst minimising cost.

The problem and the solution

BAC started by changing all old detection for new Honeywell devices, the main fire panel was also upgraded to a new ‘intelligent’ model allowing for the new additions.

BAC opted to use the SMS product from Honeywell, which allowed the use of existing cabling whilst installing the new fully addressable system.

With the new system each detector or manual call point has an ‘address’ which shows up on the main panel in the event of an activation. The coupled with a detailed zone drawing allows attending fire fighters to go straight to the effected area saving valuable time.

The next problem to overcome was the matter of fire door compliance. Residents within Rodway Court like the freedom of being able to prop open their fron doors during the hotter months.

As these doors make up part of the building’s fire strategy, it is illegal to prop these doors open.

BAC have provided the perfect solution in the form of ‘swing-free’ devices.

These door closers are linked to the building’s new fire alarm system and allow residents to push the door into an open position where it will hold, or push it closed when needed.

In the event of a fire, these units are then activated by the fire alarm and close the door safely into the shut position. It allows residents to do as they please without infringing on the building’s fire safety.

The end result of this project being a fully compliant site, happy residents and a satisfied client.

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